Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh my gosh! Do I go commercial?

I know others have been approached by this.  I had a email sent to me about working with a store for a giveaway, or giving reviews on products.  I will look over the information they sent me in the email.  So, my more savvy bloggers, who have done this.  Is it worth it?  What can it do for me?  What can it do for my readers?  However, when I ran my own giveaway, I only got two, count them, two, takers.  Which made it easy.  I just sent my prize to both.  And it was cookies darn it!

Oh, guess what?  My new favorite thing to make is yellow cake from scratch.  Am I weird or what?  But I know what goes into my cake.  On top of that, I have made my frosting from scratch twice now.  I at least know there isn't hydrogenated vegetable oil in my frosting.  Ok, maybe butter (yes, that was three sticks in that one recipe, and I think three is a little too rich), but you know about saturated fats.  They are bad, but maybe not as bad as transfats now.  [Personally, I would get lard to make my pie crust.  Yes, I would.  Instead of Crisco.]  But the yellow cake has gotten rave reviews from three different audiences: women, men, and children.  I think I'm on to something.  My son has already said his cake (for a December birthday) will be the yellow cake with the chocolate sour cream frosting and strawberries on top.  Apparently a winner.  I did not take pictures.  Sheesh, what is wrong with me.  I did buy a cake saver though, since I was so into cakes.  So everyone's going to have to put up with me making cake when I go to someone's house for dinner.  I still have yet to master making the cake bake more level.

Just getting warmed up for Random Tuesday Thoughts.

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Kelly said...

I've never been offered anything I would personally use by marketers, which is a big clue that they didn't actually read my blog. I say go for it if the product or service is something you like or would like to try out. Why not?