Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twenty things that nurture me

I found this thought process through Strange Pilgram and then clicked through to Lost and Found in India.  I love it, and though I come late to this process, I decided I should go through this thought process, too.  I think it is the spring mood that makes me appreciate what wonders I have around me.

Children: What is more amazing than the little people you create and nuture to amazing adults?  Even more amazing is how they make you feel about yourself.

Husband: My partner in all things and I couldn't do this journey we call life without him.

Best women friends: These gals are great, honest, funny, smart, and give me the best "girl" time I need.

Writing: Reaching back into my teenage self, I rediscovered my passion for creative writing and how it made me feel.

Historic clothing: I cannot even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with clothing from the past.  It doesn't matter what time period, I love to learn about the details of all of it, materials, construction, how it looked, how it felt, what it is like to wear it.

Autumn: You'd think with the weather that turns colder in this season, I would feel depressed, but I find autumn more inspiring than any other time of year.  The colors are gorgeous, the chill wind is mysterious and it gets my imagination running. 

Family history: I am a historian and I love most to find the stories of where I came from and where the people before me came from.  There's something satisfying about knowing who I am and who the long line of people behind me are.

Learning new things: A lifelong learner, I like to learn about new gadgets, new ideas, or new ways of doing things.  I grow as a person and get to keep growing.

Oldest friends: The internet has allowed me to get back in touch with people I haven't heard from in years.  And it's nice to know that person I used to know is there on the other side.  I'm still rooting for them and loving them for who they used to be in my life and how they can still enrich it even now.

Virtual friends: People who are genuine even in their on-line dealings can give you access to friendships that might have been thwarted by space and time.

Siblings: As my younger brother and sister get older, I can appreciate them more for who they've become.

Parents: They were there when we were small and growing and are still there.  Being a parent, now I know how much they had to do for us and what they did seems even more amazing.

Small town living: I was leery about it at first, but now I am loathe to contemplate moving from my community.  I appreciate the closeness of the town layout, being able to walk or bike to so much.  I appreciate the circle of friends I've developed and how nice it is to see them on occasion in the stores, saying hi.

Cooking: Whenever I have time off, I find myself cooking extensive meals for my small family.  I spend much time and energy in it and I have discovered that it is an expression of my love for them.

Art: Being a historian, I love the interconnectedness of a time period's art movements with what was happening in the world at that time.  I love how art is such an expression of the people living in that time and place.

Music: The more variety the better.  My favorite at the moment is Irish music, as it makes my daughter light up and we both love the rhythm and the beat.

Reading: My old love and passion from a very young age, I had slacked off a bit as a young adult and young parent, but I have taken the bull by the horns, joined a book club and expanded my horizons again.

Creating: I have always had a creative nature, but I think sometimes I don't nuture it like it nutures me.  I like to make reproduction historic clothing, making pillows or quilts with my own hands, putting down electronically silly and serious ideas on a blog, working on my book project with one of my best friends.

Travel: Part of learning new things, I revel in actually being in the places one reads about or sees on TV or in pictures.

Midwest: I was born in the Midwest and I will probably die in the Midwest.  There's something we all share, whether it's our personalities, or way of living, or how we deal with each other, or what we talk about.  I am most comfortable here and as I grow older, comfort is something that is precious to me.


Christine Gram said...

Wasn't that nurturing? Wonderful list. I grew up in the midwest too but I don't think I'll ever be able to move back. Perhaps when I'm 95 and just want to rock on the front porch.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

♥ Braja said...

Nice one Ms Child :))