Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ok, ok, should I Tweet?

I'm not sure about this.  I don't have a smart phone and I'm too cheap to pay for texting to Tweet on the go.  I know one can Tweet on-line, but I already do that with FB, don't I?  And I have more space to write things on that anyway.  But I was reading a random author's blog and she suggested three agent/editors that Tweet information on working in the field of writing.  So I wonder, do I join and follow them?  Maybe I should check it out.

Oh, God!  Another login?  Another password?  Am I too old for this?  I can't remember all the things I log in for now.  Barely.

I'll let you know if I try this out.  I know I can link it with my blog or with my FB.

I wonder how many sites I have signed up to that I have forgotten about.  My login is just out there floating in tons of places, I am sure.


Christine Gram said...

Yea, I'm not convinced either, but I feel a bit like when I wouldn't buy CDs because I had so much invested in cassettes. Am I missing the boat?

I share your ugh.

Aliceson said...

If I had one of those fancy pants smart phones I might be convinced to tweet but until that happens Twitter just seems like one more thing to learn how to use, blah,blah,blah.

Wild Child said...

Yeah, I'm still not convinced. How much more of my life do I need to be hooked in? How about I just go get on that plane and go see my sister and enjoy her and her family.

Aliceson said...

Yeah, do that! Forget Twitter, for now.