Friday, March 12, 2010

I really am Irish (and English and Scottish and Welsh and maybe a little French, but I can't be sure)

Really, I am a bit Irish, one of the family names in the past being Higgins.  Probably more Scottish than Irish, I know my great grandfather was a full blooded Scot.  But maybe not quite so over the top Irish as my blog, in its current state, may lead you to believe.  Really, it was at the urging of my dear daugther, who still holds a fascination for all things Irish, which is fine by me, because I don't mind the Irish connection at all.  I really like to say I'm a British Isles mix, which just about sums it up.  I have never dug much deeper than a few family histories that have crossed my path over the years (perusing them at Grandma's, or having my mom show me some family stuff).  I really want to, but I know to do a good job at it, it takes time and probably some money to do some tripping to the places from whence they came and/or having someone comb the records and send me copies of the records.  But I so love history and I would dearly love to research my family history a little more.

I should start closer to home.  I read a blog about someone wanting to ask their parents about their wedding and what they remember and felt and enjoyed.  I think I should do that.  I've asked my mom at various times about high school and college, but it's always snippets of conversation, rather than digging deep.  Which is fine, but I think I should maybe dig deeper sooner rather than later.

So, when my kids leave home the plan is to a) start making quilts and b) do more genealogy.  Yup, good pastimes for empty nester adults.  My mom will so laugh, because I think she does those things right now.

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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Between my husband and me, our kids have nine ethnicities. Son loves the Irish in him. Daughter relates to the Chinese. I guess it is nice they have so much to choose from.