Saturday, May 22, 2010


You'd think I was the one with the dance recital this weekend.

Why am I awake at 3 am?

Good question.

I'm trying to keep everything straight in my head.  Make sure my plan of action is going to work.  We have to be at the recital location (20 minutes away) for rehearsal by 10 am.  Maybe I don't need to start her hair that early.

Start her hair?

Yeah, I am going a little crazy with the dress rehearsal.  She's performing to the song, "Good Ship Lollipop."  And, of course, I have decided to make her a bunch of, you guessed it, Shirley Temple curls.  We did a dry run the other night.  I was going to put her hair in curlers, but I was worried she wouldn't be able to sleep the night before.  Instead I decided to pull out my old curling irons.  They still run after all these years.  I have a big size and a tiny size.  Both were handy.

Here's the dry run:

(Good thing I checked the camera, because I discovered the mini card was missing and had to go searching for it.  It's found and all is in place now and I should be ready for tomorrow.)

She's wearing jammies, except the hat is part of the costume, in case you were wondering.  She really likes the curls.

So, after she arrives 15 minutes early, gets her individual and group picture taken, she rehearses at 10:30 am (she's early in the show).  Then we quick change and drive back to try to get in the last of soccer at 11 am. (I don't know how this will work)  The boy also has a soccer game at 11 am.  Then we eat lunch, change again and run back to the auditorium for rehearsal for the next dance by 2:30 pm.  The rehearsal part is at 3:00 pm.  I have to bring the boy with me, because Mr. Wild is working in the afternoon.  I think I'm obsessing too much.  These extracurricular activities should not cause me to lose sleep.

After that, I should be able to take a breather.  Dance recital day is not as worrisome.  I hope all goes well.  I need to get some sleep though.

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