Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seven years

My sweet baby...

How fast time flies.

When you're having so much fun!

Mischief and shyness...

Rolled into one.

Dancing the night away, kicking up our heels...

and booty.

Used to be a curly mop top, enjoying bananas...

ponies, and pony castle cakes.  You love ponies...

You love friends.

You have a unique sense of style.

You still adore horses, and you can learn sewing with the generations of women in your family.

You love tea parties, like your mommy.

You love your second cousins.

And, of course, your first cousins.

You enjoyed Hawaii with your family.

You are growing up so fast, performing a big solo on your own in front of a large audience.

How can it be seven years already?

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

And a great way to celebrate 200 posts!

1 comment:

Aliceson said...

Happy (one day late) B-day Willa!

Those photos are adorable. I especially love the one of her unique sense of style. Ha!

Also, congrats on 200 posts!