Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts--Too Darn Hot!

What happened to spring?  When it says 77 degrees on my car thermometer on the way to work before 8 am and it is humid already, ugh!  It's too darn hot!

We sang this song in our high school show choir (this is not my show choir!  I am way older than that).  In our version, we really sped it up.  I liked our version better.

With this heat, out comes my iced coffees.  I make a large pot, let it cool down, equal parts milk and coffee, a splash of vanilla flavoring, ice, and voila, my summer drink.  Cheaper than $3 at the local coffee shop.  The extra coffee goes in a container in the fridge so that I have cool caffeinated drinks all week.  I can't drink cokes before 10 am.  It's not right.

Speaking of coffee, how did our ancestors, so long ago, figure out it was good to drink?  You have to roast the beans, then grind them up, then boil them in water, or pour boiling water over it.  The resultant sludge is not all that appetizing to look at.  And drinking coffee straight is really a very acquired taste.  For that matter, how did they figure out to make tea, beer, or wine?  All of these take some processing.  There had to be a lot of coincidence and accidents to make the results worth drinking.  Just kind of fascinating to think about the accidents and what would possess anyone to try the liquid.

Is it a bad thing when your knee makes a popping sound?  Should I have it looked at?  Should I not be using the arc trainers at the gym?  Maybe I just need some glucosomine.

At one time in my life, I thought I was a big city girl.  My hometown, while not tiny small, felt a little too small for my young tastes.  I swore I had to live in a big city.  I did during part of my grad school.  The next closest I came was living in the Chicago suburbs.  But suddenly, after having kids, I realized I never took advantage of the city's culture, even though it was "right there."  I dreaded the morning commute (5 miles=20-30 minutes, ok, not bad, but in the grand scheme of things, pretty slow for 5 miles), I got tired of the traffic and driving everywhere we needed to go.  We decided to move to a smaller town for our kids.  I think I'm a small town girl now.  My husband met people through a library playgroup with our daughter and we've got a fun circle of friends to hang with now.  And that I wouldn't trade for anything else.  I don't need to go to large museums or concerts or shows to have a good time with friends.  Our kids can walk to school safely and we see and know a lot of people around town.  It's a nice feeling.  I don't miss the big city.  I don't really even care about it.  How can a person's tastes change so much?

In addition to all this, we've been fighting a gastrointestinal bug at our house.  Me and Mr. Wild have been tag teaming watching the sick kid.  I am hoping we are at the end of it and he and I don't catch it.  Lots of hand washing.

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Have a good Tuesday!


Aliceson said...

Even with our cooler near the lake effect, we're at 75 right now. Crazy, but I love it!

My father-in-law has been recently experimenting with making his own wine. His wife finally forgave him for blowing up a jug of dandelion wine all over the ceiling of their bedroom 20 years ago and she agreed to let him try it again, but only if he followed some, ANY instructions. Last year he made peach, apricot, and grape wines and this year he pillaged my rhubarb patch to make rhubarb wine. The stuff he made last year actually wasn't as bad as I thought they would be. It is a science after all. He ferments the very unattractive mixture in ice cream buckets in the laundry room. One of those things that I'd rather not see how it was made. Kind of like hot dogs.

At this point in my life, I wouldn't want to move into the city. Where would I put the garden? Even having neighbors that aren't corn or wheat would take some getting used to.

twirl unabashedly said...

i recently realized that i can make a really good iced coffee mixture and save myself the 4 dollars. i never thought about making it in quantity. thanks.

i have a recipe titled "french wine" that was handed down through my family. none of us have ever made it, because it looks hard as hell. its on the original paper it was written on, and thats really cool. when it became mine, i framed it and i'm hoping that preserves it forever. the point of this story is... ha...
did you know that prisoners make some kind of alcohol out of rotting food? blech. ...go ahead and drink that, smartie.

my household too, is passing around a (head and chest) cold that is apparently never going to go away. yay spring...

happy tuesday.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I like ice cream and coffee floats when it is hot ; -)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Mother Nature keeps alternating too cold to too hot - it's getting confusing! I'm not a lover of the heat, that's for sure.

I still haven't acquired a taste for iced coffee - I don't think my brain computes that cold coffee can be good. ;) And I have wondered the same thing - like it would be fun to know how our ancestors figured out that rotten grapes make excellent wine. ;)

I had the same realization that I didn't take advantage of the city's culture when I grew up and lived in the Seattle area - there is no 'culture' out here in Small Town PA. ;)

Here's hoping the gastrointestinal bug moves on without hitting you and your hubby first. Ugh! Hope the little one feels better soon!

Shocking Fence, Cuckoo's Nest, Spring Has Sprung

tulpen said...

I do the same thing with my coffee... make a little extra in the morning and throw it in the fridge for afternoon iced coffee goodness.

I've never been a city girl. We're in suburbia right now and it feels too crowded.

I liked living in the middle of nowhere, that was my favorite.

Beta Dad said...

I don't think doctors can do much for knee popping. You'll have to wait until it hurts a lot. My knees make all kinds of creaky crunchy noises. I have taken glucosomine and not taken it. Can't discern any difference.