Sunday, May 9, 2010

Writing prompts--Mother's Day

I love it when teachers give their students writing prompts.  It gets my kids thinking.  Here's what the boy had to say about me:

If my mom were a flower, she would be a rose because they both look awesome.

If my mom were a song, she would be great day [an African American spiritual they learned with their artist-in-residence earlier this year] because she's full of spirit.

If my mom were a super hero, she would be Super Mom because she has a T-shirt about it.

If my mom were candy, she would be chocolate because they're both sweet.

If my mom were a car, she would be a race car because she goes place to place all the time real fast.

If my mom were a color, she would be green because it's her favorite color.

If my mom were an animal, she would be a dolphin because they're nice and gentle and she is too.

If my mom were a TV show, she would be a nature show because she likes to watch the leaves fall in the fall.

He's got some great insight.  I didn't realize I moved around fast all the time and it's wonderful to be called nice, gentle, sweet, and full of spirit.

The other thing he put in my homemade card was 11 pennies for eleven Mother's Days.

Dear daughter painted me two pictures, one of me swinging on a swing from a tree and the other of both of us riding a horse.  She didn't have writing prompts, but just wrote from the heart:

Dear: Mom,
I love you so much!
Thank you for the crazy Day Bars!  Thak you for makeing supr.
Love,: Willa

(The Crazy Day Bars are actually Lazy Day Bars, but I like her version)

Hope all the mothers out there had a lovely day.  I know I did.

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Laura in IA said...

Those kids of yours know you well.