Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Garden Club

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I've been wanting to share one gardening feat I did this past fall.

Notice how my peonies are squished up between the other bushes?  Also, notice the space between two of the bushes?  Used to be a peony there.  I had read that you transplant peonies in the fall, so I did a test one, moving it from less sun and crowded conditions in the back, to more sun and freedom in the front.  I full expected it not to bloom, as everything I read on-line said it wouldn't bloom the first year after transplanting.  Boy, were they wrong...

So, not only did I have blooms earlier than the ones in back (see first photo, they were all taken at the same time), I discovered I had two different peonies in this bunch that I moved.  (see third photo)

I am leaving you with the wisteria that I've been nursing and trying to train ever since I moved in here.  At least now it blooms too.  It took a lot of work and I have to keep those tendrils in check, trying to get them to cover our pergola in the back.  But that's all I got for gardening.  I give up on the tomato plants.


Aliceson said...

Nice work! I like the combination of pale pink and dark pink together in one clump.

You're linked up!

Wild Child said...

Thanks for the link! I like the combo too. Too bad I can't take credit for it. It was all crowded and planted in the back when we moved in. I just liberated the poor thing. The other two are moving to the front this fall as well, since I"m so good at it.