Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yes, I'm trying to be random


How can it be that time already?  Oh wait, holiday weekend.

In line today I was behind a mother who was buying eight cans of dry formula for her baby.  I don't want to be prejudice.  I want to believe she tried to make a go at nursing.  But I cringed at all that formula.  I did give my son formula, but by the time the second one came around, I had gotten the hang of it.  The other cringe factor was that it was over $100 worth of product.  I don't know how long that lasts, but heck, that $100 could be in her pocket and she'd be feeding her baby for free.

It made me think of my crazy kick on avoiding pre-made foods, could this be where it starts?  The hospital so kindly gives you the formula kit with the nice bag for holding "nursing" supplies and the companies try to make it look like they're supporting breastfeeding, but they really want you to buy their stuff.  Duh.  Give them the first hit for free and once they're hooked, they're paying for it through the nose.  Plus, something about trying to sell us the "ease" of convenience food.  Yup, it's all a conspiracy to get our consumer dollar.

(PS, I know nursing your baby isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we should at least get the most support we can to give it the old college try.)

How about that giant sinkhole today?  Is it really that freakin' deep or is it a trick of the camera?

So I'm watching Glee with my husband (I think for him it's like a train wreck, he can't stop watching.  He made the mistake tonight of saying he really used to like the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust" and I encouraged him to watch.)  He proceeds to tell me how principals would never let the kids get away with that stuff, how they aren't really singing that, how none of this was really like high school.  I paused the show and told him if he didn't want to watch it, he could leave.  No, no, he would watch it and was quiet.  Then when the pregnant girls were dancing all over the floor, I said, there's no way those girls are pregnant.  They couldn't get up and down on the floor like that if they were pregnant.  At which point he threatened to stop the show if I didn't shut up.  Ok, lesson learned.  It was still a funny show.  Except, damn it, my DVR quit recording it before I saw the very ending.  Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow for the last 2 minutes.  I made sure next week's got extra recording time.  I am not missing a thing.

Oh, and how about Al and Tipper?  Yeah, I guess I'm not surprised.  But sad they couldn't get it worked out after a full 40 years!  Sheesh.

Someone please get me a new neck.  I have a nasty horrible tight stiff neck and shoulder on the right side.  Been doing hot compress and ibuprofen.  Not helping a lot.  Also doing stretches, but no complete relief yet.  Anyone with suggestions?  Useful ones mind you.

That's all I got.  Stupid bug is crawling on my screen anyway.  Click on the button to join the randomness.


Kelly said...

From what I understand about formula, it costs about $100 a week to feed an older baby (8-12 month range). Yeah. I heard that little figure at a first birthday party. I think that is why some people celebrate so much when a kid turns one. Instant savings!

Angel said...

I was formula fed, but that was because of my colic, and then my siblings after me were because my mom got used to it. I want to give it a good try before I formula feed though.

I hope it is photo-shopped but I heard that it is an actual news story.

Captain Dumbass said...

My wife got me started watching Glee and now I love it. I used to have horrible neck and upper back pain until my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth. Then I got a mouth guard and it's all good.

tulpen said...

I've known women who think that breast feeding is "gross". That just blows my mind.

Nursing my daughter, for 17 months, was the BEST thing ever. Those dummies don't know what they were missing.

Oh and Glee with the pregnant chicks? Not my favorite bit on the show, and NO WAY any of them were preggers. But that show can do no wrong in my book.