Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Big thank you to Aliceson for hosting us for berry picking, lunch and a rousing game of kick ball. Silly me, I forgot to take my camera out of the car. I really brought it, I just plain forgot. It was a nice day, overcast, but warm enough, so good for picking berries and being outside. But then I got home with my haul.

Dang, that's a lot of strawberries!  Okay, easily my kids go through four pounds a week, but I guess they aren't all super ripe at the very same time.  Aliceson, I also forgot to grab rhubarb.  Never fear, we have some in the freezer from my mother-in-law.  I'm thinking I've got to make a rhubarb crisp here shortly. I am slowly picking my way through them.  Washing off nice ones for eating go in the fridge, cutting the tops off less nice ones to use in cooking or slicing and making a sauce.  It was a fun time and the rewards are sweet.  Aliceson made a spinach, feta, strawberry, walnut salad.  I did the same thing at home when I returned, with a balsamic vinegar, oil and sugar dressing on it.  Fabulous!  We did dip them in chocolate, too.  My son had another idea.

We had some pretty ripe bananas, so we cut them up, dipped them in chocolate and then froze them.  The kids are going crazy waiting for them to freeze.  Then I tried to use up more of the chocolate with dipping them in strawberries.  Willa was going nuts and pulled out the blueberries to try to use up the last of it.  We dipped nearly every fruit in the house.

Click over to Feet Off the Table.  She'll probably share some of the photos she remembered to snap.  I have some camera envy, but I don't think I can use all the flashy attachments she's got.  I suppose, though, it's just taking the time to learn what works and makes great pictures.


Kelly said...

I'm so jealous that you guys got to hang out!

Aliceson said...

So glad you came out and too I'm happy that the rain stayed away so we could have a fun day outside! Nothing beats fresh picked strawberries!