Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Randomize me!


Randomize me!

Oh, yes, it's that time.
First for an update:

Unfortunately, the FIRST tooth appears to have taken a trip either down the sink or down the throat. Ack!  She composed a very nice letter to the tooth fairy.

She added a nice picture on the back to attract the fairy.

It did work.  The note stayed under the pillow, but also three quarters made it under the pillow.  She was most excited that one of the quarters happened to have the Hawaii logo on the back of it.  What a clever fairy.  I'm sure she put it there on purpose rather than digging around in her change and just throwing under there whatever coins happened to be in her pocket.

Next, some advice for the ladies in catching a man.  Between three of us women, with our husbands in the same room, we have determined the following:

1. Laugh at all his jokes.
2. Watch his scifi.
3. Go Dutch.

Just saying.  Seeing as how collectively we had probably nearly 40 years of wedded bliss between us, we must be on to something.  So any of you young gals out there not yet hitched, we dispense this wisdom freely and with confidence.

I'll let you know what the men come up with in catching their women after they have their poker game.  Seeing as how they have a heck of a time actually organizing the day and time of the poker game, it may be a while before I can share this wisdom.

Ok, other randomness.  Remember back in the early days of email and internet there were fleshmeets?  According to The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang, fleshmeet is "a meeting of the flesh of on-line correspondents."  They designate it as US slang and give it the date of 1996.  I am here to reassure you that in Iowa in 1992, we were corresponding with people from Illinois and Australia and using this terminology well before that particular date.  My first one was with a Illinios high school student in the said time period of 1992.  I wasn't dating him, just met him through a list serve and email correspondence when the email was still in DOS format, rather than all html prettied up.  It was weird and rare then, but now, I think people do that all the time, meeting up at BlogHer and quilt events and so forth.  And we don't use the slang anymore, which also is kind of weird.  Whatever on-line community you happen to be in, you tend to find a chance to meet the face behind the email.  Or at least try to, because it can be fun.  Now, if I want to go visit, say, Ohio, I might actually know someone there.  Whether they would let me and my clan stay on their couch would be a different matter altogether.  What is the protocol for that anyway?

I only mention this because I'm heading out to meet fellow blogger Aliceson for some strawberry picking.  I just want you all to be jealous, because I'm hoping we can get some chocolate covered strawberries. (you have to scroll to the bottom to see them, but they look amazing)  And maybe I'll get some nice pictures of my kids too.  She seems to have some great photo equipment.  I'm just worried she's going to find out how truly weird my kids are in the eating department since we're having lunch.  If we have strawberries, we should be fine, but maybe I need to bring some things the kids will eat.  Though, as I think back, I seem to remember I've posted about their eating habits, so perhaps they won't be a big surprise.

Ah, my children's eating habits.  The ones where he likes peanut butter, she likes jelly.  She will eat anything remotely related to the pig, he turns his nose up at everything, but sausage on pizza and pork chops in the crock pot.  I don't know why, but I forever find myself apologizing for them and being embarrassed by their pickiness.  I don't remember being so picky when I was young, which may be why I am so embarrassed.  We have friends watching the kids this summer and they wanted a list of things they like, which I found wasn't all that long.  They stayed with them last Friday and when lunch came around and they were served, Willa looked up from the lunch and said, "I thought my mom gave you a list of what we liked to eat."  Yes, somehow we haven't fully mastered the "politely eat what you are served without a comment," yet.

Here's another song I would add to my list of "feel good" songs for my CD.

I'm trying to decide if I go original cover or Glee cover.  There's also this on YouTube which is pretty good as well.

Speaking of Glee, having been in show choir both in high school and college (yes, I was one of those.  I was also on flag squad and the captain, both in high school and college), it makes me wonder if Glee has changed the way show choirs are doing things.  Like more arrangements of current artists rather than show tunes and songs from 30-40 years ago.  And the whole mash up thing.  And does Glee sell its arrangements for show choir consumption? Oh, I guess they're out there.  As my husband says, Glee puts our show choir experiences to shame.

And how about those show choir names?  On Glee we have Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions, and Aural Intensity (I'm still laughing about that one).  I've personally been in Encore, South Side Transit, and Show Stoppers.

Okay, nuff said, I need to get out of my pjs and actually do something with the kids.  After my iced coffee drink.  We were going to go to the park, but it got dark and started raining soon after I started this composition.


Aliceson said...

I think my Binny would have a heart attack if she thought she swallowed her tooth!

Can't wait to finally meet you all tomorrow and don't worry about them eating! I'll try to keep it kid friendly. :) My kids have never done the "I don't like this, it's gross" thing at someone else's house but I think I've just been lucky so far.

Does this mean only you and I will be eating my favorite spinach, strawberry and feta cheese salad? Yeah, that's right my kids don't really care for it either! More for us right?

Wild Child said...

I am sooo on board with the spinach, feta, strawberry salad and nooo, my children will not eat that either. But give them plain old strawberries and blueberries and they are gone in a snap.

VandyJ said...

My oldest loves strawberries. I have no trouble getting him to eat them. The salad he wouldn't touch except maybe to pick out the berries and possibly the spinach.

Olivia said...

My oldest just lost her first tooth too (the same one) and I really mean LOST it. She popped it out in the grocery store while there with my mom and they searched and searched and couldn't find it anywhere. Mom said she felt ridiculous down on her hands and knees among the apples and the lettuce, but she felt bad about the oldest losing her tooth. Oh, well. She didn't mind!

Lanie Ree said...

I like the Glee version best, but I get excited when either one comes on the radio. And Aural Intensity makes me laugh too.

Stopping by from Random Tuesday Thoughts

Anonymous said...

The tooth fairy letter is classic. So cute!