Saturday, September 20, 2008

Half Cat


I think my daughter is half cat. Here are the characteristics I think may qualify her for the half cat status:
1. She seems to be mostly nocturnal.
2. She has a rough tongue.
3. She walks on all fours- crawling on hands and feet instead of knees.
4. She tries very hard to eat the cat food!
5. She has always been very hairy-well it is all on her head but at 10months old she has had 5 hair cuts.
6. She will bite and scratch you- but she has no teeth yet and her nails are kept short.

I think I'll wait until her first fall and see if she lands on her feet. That would pretty much seal the deal.
Well decide for yourselves if I should call the National Enquirer.
Surely that will get John Edwards off the front page. happyface

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