Friday, September 12, 2008

Late Night Addictions

I should be spending my time reading. But the Fall Television Season is starting soon! And I have been living the past three years with a DVR and would never go back to an ordinary VCR. It's "set it and forget it." So, between our shows (husband and I), our kid's shows and shows that husband or I watch separately from each other, we have 48 in our timer listing (yeah, I checked). I like the fact that I don't have to see when the season premieres are coming up, because those shows are in the DVR memory and they will be ready to record when they pop up. Hmmmm.... what are some of those shows, you wonder?

Let's see: Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Lost, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar, Supernatural, Chuck, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Numbers, Monk, Psych, The Dead Zone, Eureka, Kyle XY, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Go Diego Go, Ghost Whisperer, October Road, Burn Notice, Shawn the Sheep, Flash Gordon, The Batman, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Journeyman, Reaper, The Big Bang, Super Why, Samantha Who, Sarah Conner Chronicles, New Amsterdam, Medium, The Sara Jane Chronicles, In Plain Sight, Swingtown, Dark Angel, History Detectives, Joan of Arcadia, Jeremiah, Woodwright Shop, The Saddle Club, The Cleaner.

Yup, that's everything in there. As you can see, a mix of soap opera dramedies, scifi and a penchant for USA network shows. A little history thrown in, plus the kiddos shows to make them happy (we try to keep it educational). And you may think I'm the only one that watches the Housewives and Grey's, but I got dear hubby hooked. (cue evil laugh) See if you can guess which ones we watch together and which ones only he watches and which only I watch.

I know, I know, some of those shows are not back this season. I'll do a clean out when I know for sure they've dropped some. NBC ran a number of scifi type shows and have dropped a few. Oh, well. I need to cut back. I hope they come up with some lame shows so I can cut out some and not add!

Man, I am so screwed in a couple of weeks, because I'll be behind on my show watching before the season even gets rolling. The guilt will get to me and I'll start staying up past midnight. Wait, I'm doing that right now, even without any new shows. Doh!

Well, we have 100 hours of record time available, I should be good for a few weeks. I guess I better finish Sense and Sensibility.

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Multiple Sarcasms said...

I am so screwed when my hubby reads this one. He will almost be drooling for a DVR. I don't want one we watch enough TV without one. Sniff my low tech days are numbered.