Tuesday, September 2, 2008

There to Here 2

Well this will be a shorter introduction from There to Here. Why? Well lets face it, Wild Child, I'm younger! Now younger, at the beginning would make you think me more understanding of computers. Unfortunately not! Which is the other reason.

There to Here. Well since I was born in a country that was rather behind the US
(Ireland) in available technology at the time it was still my high school years when computers came into mild use. Most people thought they were just fancy typewriters that did not require typewriter white-out. Many people still bought typewriters when they should have been buying computers. I think the typewriter companies knew where to offload their goods. I even remember when my Mum heard of a Apple Macintosh, she thought it was a toffee coated fruit.

There to Here. I loved computers at that age, but a computer class with a teacher I did not care for and I rebelled refusing to have anything to do with the computer. BIG MISTAKE! Well everyone everywhere knows it was a big mistake.

There to Here. To follow that pivotal moment in the wrong direction I made my first really really GOOD decision. Though I doubt I really get credit for it. I fell in love with a great guy who is very computer savvy. Loves technology and even seems to understand it. He balances my incompatibility with anything that has an owner's manual.

There to Here. Then Wild Child said lets blog. Since I'm easily persuaded to do anything remotely fun that requires adult communication, I said YES.

For me this blog is a chance to say things that I can't always say in public. And to write in green, a color I usually avoid because I really am Irish.

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