Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing New

It was an hour and 30 minutes until nap time. What to do? What to do? Oh, I know, why not take a nice walk to the ice cream stand? Sure that will be fun and a little exercise. We haven't had ice cream for 2 weeks and the stand will close in a month. This will be fun. So I make the proposition.

"Kids how about we walk up to the ice cream stand for a treat?"

Expected response of, "Yeah!"

But then number 1 child, who is 4, let's call him Steve, says "Mom can we drive?"

"No, sweetie, I will need you to ride your bike."

Number 2 child, who is 2, let's call her Sara, says "I ride bike, too, Mama."

"No, sweetie, you need to ride in the stroller."

Number 3 child, who is not yet 1, let's call her Sue, thankfully has no opinion...yet.

A little crying follows this. Then, although all I thought we needed to do was go potty, this is what happens. Both older kids apparently need knee and elbow pads, then only knee pads, then Sara abandons her pads altogether to the dismay of Steve. Then we need different shoes and pants, because when we go potty with knee pads on, our jeans do not come down far enough and we end up peeing on our pants. Then, we apparently need a snack and water. "To get enough energy Mama." Oh, and a helmet, and gloves, which are not readily visible, thanks to Dad putting them in a slightly different place. Let's get some tomatoes on our way out through the garden in case they have been eaten by the t
ime we get back. Who would eat them, I am not sure, but, okay, they are healthy so go ahead and eat.

Then we are ready. But 1 hour and 20 minutes has already passed. Darn, okay, well maybe we can drive. I mean it was not the plan, but if Sue doesn't get her nap on time, we will be up all night. Alright, I can go with the flow.

I am just putting Sue in her car seat when I feel something wet. A blow out. Great, now a complete change of clothes for Sue and change of top for me are needed.

It is 10 minutes past nap time, everyone is crying and I am frazzled and we still have no ice cream.

Just another day with my gorgeous children. Not that this is anything new, but
it still amazes me how long it can take us to leave the house - even for ice cream.

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