Sunday, January 4, 2009

Forays into the blogosphere

So, I haven't really ventured very far into the blogosphere until just a few days ago; New Year's Day to be exact. Doing one of those viral random tag posts made me move a bit beyond my comfort level and exploration zone. A couple of days later, I was exploring Irish Gumbo in a little more leisurely manner, as he was kind enough to stop by my blog, after I so randomly tagged him. I then wandered into Lost and Found in India. Somehow, I also wandered into 70 Plus and Still Kicking, but I can't figure out how I got there, I think through Lost and Found in India.

And, lo and behold, they've bothered to wander by my little piece of the internet to actually say hey. So very nice. Irish Gumbo even put me in his blogroll, a nice reciprocal gesture, since I just placed him in my blog follower list. I would have never expected that these folks would have or make the time to come by and comment. It is a very nice, warm, glowy feeling. I know I'm being sappy, but since my audience has consisted mostly of my friends, sister, and mom until now, it is kind of interesting to have some folks from farther afield to stop by and see what I am or am not saying.

Mostly, I think I've branched out so far, because of Feet off the Table. I picked that one from the roll of blogs that were continuously shown as updating on Blogger's main page (I think they've gotten rid of that now) and Feet off the Table sounded interesting (nice title!). Then, I see the author is name Aliceson, which I immediately take a liking to, because the name Alice is near and dear to my heart. It also doesn't hurt she's a mom in my part of the midwest, which is kind of fun. We've been comparing snow days notes as of late (please, no more snow for a while), as well as Christmas cookies (or I've been comparing cookies, I think she's got me beat).

So, I guess I'm just saying thanks to everyone for sharing yourselves and for the entertainment. It broadens my world and let's me think about a lot of different things.

Here's to a fascinating 2009. Let's see where it takes us.

P.S. Yes, I should update the photo for the day.


Wild Child said...

And the update to the photo of the day is now done!

Irish Gumbo said...

Wow! *blush* How very nice! You are most welcome, glad to see you in the pool!

To a most interesting 2009! Cheers!

Comedy Goddess said...

I love finding new bloggers! I have been having fun since November. Glad to meet you!

Aliceson said...

How sweet of you to say such nice things.

Now through your bloggy meanderings I have new reading material as well. Isn't this fun? I wish I would have started blogging years ago. So much to say and so many great readers!

The new glasses look great, not like the nasty specs of generations past.

The word verification is foolyall. Is blogger making fun of us?

True Blue Texan said...

It is a strange and wondrous thing to realize that someone that's not related to you is reading what you write. I'm still agog at it all.

Captain Dumbass said...

You're in the pool. Come on out to the deep end. It's safe.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I was blog stalking and wondered into someone's blogroll. You can definately get's kinda like I know this guy who knew this guy who's cousin worked with a guy.....and came across your blog.

Your post is very well said. Keep up the good work and if you have the time, stop by and say hi.

Braja said...

Hey Wild Child :) Nice post; and very much in the vein of my post today...thank you :)