Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nothing says love like an egg salad sandwich

Yesterday, I made egg salad for lunch. It was pretty yummy. I had some leftover egg salad and I wanted to eat it at lunch today. Mr. Wild also liked the egg salad, but I had made it after he had lunch yesterday, so he had only a little sandwich because he had already eaten. Today, he also wanted egg salad.

There was a rush on the refrigerator and two people grabbed the egg salad at the same time. I claimed ownership because I had taken the time to make it for myself yesterday.

But then I said, "Do you want egg salad?" Mr. Wild said he did. I had leftover hard boiled eggs (I made extra in case we wanted them on salads, or more sandwiches!). So I asked him to get out the ingredients: Miracle Whip, dijon mustard, lemon juice, green onion, and celery. To that I added cracked black pepper, dill weed and salt. I took the time to chop up small the onion and celery, carefully diced the eggs in my egg slicer (I marvel every time that you have to make three cuts through the egg to get perfect dice. I guess it is three dimensions), and stirred everything together. Not hard, but I realized I like to cook and mix up things, because it shows how much I care. And I like them to come out tasty, because I took the time to try to get it right.

I put the egg salad on some bread and took it into the den where Mr. Wild was watching Torchwood

"Here's your sandwich."

"Oh, thank you, hon."

Simple appreciation for a simple sandwich, simply perfect.


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

mmmm I love egg salad I craved it every day when I was pregant with my fourth! : )

Irish Gumbo said...

See? The secret to life wasn't all that hard! No need to do all that meditatin' and asking questions and stuff.

My pathway to enlightenment may very have been a bologna sandwich!

Anonymous said...

Everything always tastes better teh second day and when someone else makes it.

Multiple Sarcasms said...

So this is a comment on the photo, but Wild Child 1 has plenty of brain left over to rot. :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Weird, I have been craving egg salad lately. Now, no way can I wait until Easter.

Aliceson said...

my family goes nuts for egg salad.

My younger brother called me the other day for a recipe, if you call boiling eggs a recipe. I had to laugh, then remembered that he's a bachelor and walked him through the process.