Monday, January 12, 2009

I am a lazy cad, the last of the Christmas cheer is out

Yes, sadly, today is the day that we finally mailed out my "New Year's" letters to my very favorite family and friends. They needed the school photos in them, so I delayed that even a few more days than when I sent out our yearly letters to everyone else. I am so lazy, I did not send my parents' own present out until today. Sorry, Mom, it's in the mail. But you can enjoy it at anytime of the year.

Mr. Wild has been more than patient. He spent 1.25 hours folding, and sticking stamps and labels on the letters, then took them to the post office. I really love the yearly letters everyone sends us, but I wish I had more of my act together to reciprocate the gesture. This year, I had to fight with both computers, a stupid printer and finally had to wait until I went back to work and could use that computer to make my computerized label list work right. Efficiency was thwarted by Microsoft's stupidity of ever making Microsoft Works and/or placing Corel Wordperfect on IBM clones. So tired of the PCs. If I had more money, I would spend it on a Mac, but I don't ever see me having enough money to buy a Mac.

Oh, well, I guess I should be thankful that we have three functioning computers, incompatible as they are.

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Aliceson said...

I hear ya. I just sent off thank you notes the other day after a fight with my printer. Computers!