Tuesday, March 17, 2009

100 signs of spring

100 signs of spring for my 100th post

1. Robins appear
2. Sandhill cranes wing their way north
3. Can hear sandhill cranes at work
4. Tulips
5. Lilacs
6. Green grass
7. March winds
8. April showers
9. May flowers
10. Snow is gone
11. River floods
12. Kids playing outside (finally!)
13. Soccer
14. Warm weather
15. Short sleeve shirts
16. Wearing shorts
17. Mud
18. Muddy boots
19. Muddy clothes
20. Muddy kids
21. Dirt tracked through the whole house
22. Everybody and their dog walking
23. Skinned knees
24. Skinned elbows
25. Skinned noses (just happened today)
26. Spring jackets
27. Leather coat
28. Umbrellas
29. Rain coats
30. Sidewalk chalk
31. Bubbles
32. St. Patrick's Day
33. Easter not far behind.
34. Spring break
35. More salads and wraps
36. Strawberries are cheaper
37. Asparagus is in season.
38. Corned beef and cabbage
39. Downpours
40. Daffodils
41. Dirty windows
42. Green buds on the trees
43. Bike rides
44. Bike helmets
45. Sandbox toys
46. Folding chairs
47. Grilling hamburgers and brats
48. Hamburger buns
49. Hotdog buns (brat buns are too big even for brats)
50. Mustards of every flavor
51. Soccer balls
52. Basketballs
53. Bouncy balls
54. Rhythmic sound of bouncing balls on driveway
55. Wagon rides
56. Visits to the park
57. Fishing off the bridges
58. Using the river walk
59. Walking to the library
60. Dining outside
61. Outdoor bar opens
62. Enjoying the sunset from outside
63. Birds chirping outside early in the morning
64. Not freezing when you get in the shower
65. Not freezing when you get out of the shower
66. Daylight savings time (ick)
67. Taxes are due
68. Mowing the lawn
69. Planting grass seed
70. Landscaping needs care
71. Dividing hostas
72. Pick up pool pass
73. Joggers out in force
74. Middle school kids hanging around town in groups
75. Kids and Mr. Wild wear baseball caps
76. Put away winter wear
77. Reruns on TV
78. Garden centers sprout in local stores
79. Left over winter sleds fill up with water
80. Climbing up on back yard play equipment
81. Swinging
82. Sliding
83. Running with abandon
84. Neighbors stay outside to chat
85. Kids run all over neighborhood
86. Ants in our kitchen
87. Elder bugs in our bedroom
88. Asian beetles in our bathroom
89. Stink bugs in my work office
90. Stinky smell of beetles in vacuum after you suck them up
91. Bare feet on the floor
92. Woodworking in the garage
93. Dirty cars
94. Cleaning out the cars
95. Cleaning out the garage
96. Garage sales
97. Quiet in the house (kids are outside)
98. Walking to our favorite local ice cream joint
99. Our local ice cream joint opens and the lines go out to the street.

And the 100th sign of spring is.....

100. Mr. Wild shaves off his goatee!!!!


Aliceson said...

What about hanging laundry on the clothesline? I did that yesterday and it felt awseome. I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday's beautiful weather, today's not bad either.

Congrats on 100 posts!

Heather said...

Oh how I love Spring - but not ants in the kitchen or cleaning or more cleaning. Congrats on the 100.