Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So, yes, I do track my guests to my site, who doesn't these days? I have dreams of getting ads, but I think I need more visitors. In the meantime, it's fun to see where people pop in from.

Most I have found are referred from the pages of my bloggy friends. Thanks so much to everyone who carries a link to me: Feet Off the Table, Irish Gumbo, True Blue Texan, I didn't get the message, Jon Swift, and anyone else I may have missed (give me a shout out, in case I did miss you).

Some, th0ugh are the wanderings in of people searching for something on Google, that all encompassing search engine. Here are some that trolled my webpage up:

"made egg salad"

"can I get a 4 and a half year old into kindergarten"

"when is Edward naked in Eclipse" [ROFL]

"naked" [I knew that was a good title]

"what goes with a egg salad sandwich" [grammar, people, please]

"no squeak" [hunh?]

"what goes into egg salad" [I guess that egg salad post was rather fruitful]

"cinnamon gum why hard to find" [see, I'm not the only one]

"educational value of four year old kindergarten"

"no sleep with colds" [colds, what a pain]

"Harry Potter party 9 year old" [hope my post helped them]

"opinions on parenting" [i have a few]

"anyone regardless of background can become president" [that's just way cool]


L said...

Amazing! How do you track this?

Wild Child said...

Sitemeter.com. Check it out, free.

Now, I want to know about the Feedjit. Where's that from?

Aliceson said...

I love my sitemeter!

Heather said...

I am going to do a post next week on how people found my site - pretty funny huh!