Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Easter in France and static electricity

My children are interested in lots of things. Yesterday, WC#2 asked about Easter in France. I don't know why France. I suggested we look it up on Google and see what we could find.

We found that in France, there's no bunny that brings the eggs, but flying bells. Cloche volant. How fascinating! And there's an April fish (poisson d'Avril), which apparently goes along with April Fool's Day, but is continued to be enjoyed through the rest of the Easter season. Check out this web page for more information.

In addition, our new latest fun game is static electricity fights. We wear static charging clothing and run around our carpet trying to shock each other. Last night we turned off the lights to see the charges bouncing betwee us. The kids have taken to making "carpet angels" which builds the charge even faster in footed pajamas.

Here's some results of our study on the internet and experiments with static.

Super static hair

After the shock

Quietly contemplating

Easter research


Heather said...

Those photos are great her hair is classic.

Aliceson said...

There you are! Cute photo of you and WC2.

The static electricity game looks fun and exhausting. My kids hate static electricity. I can't even get Binny to go in the playplace at McDonald's. "No Mommy, I don't like the snappys."

L said...

K and I play "static electricity fight" all the time, although we don't want to. Everything seems to make me electrified--my laptop, my car, even our couch, which is right in front of the heater. It's pretty annoying. I hope the spring weather gets rid of the static!