Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Frugal Friend--Tip Seven

Money saving tip#7: Family and friend entertainment for nothing or almost.

We all talk about family time. We should make the most of it in these economic times. Here's our list of things we do as a family that cost nothing (or almost nothing).

Play cards.
Play board games, ie. family game night.
Kick around a soccer ball.
Take a bike ride, especially one to your local ice cream joint where you can get a cone for $1.
Play static electric fight.
Call a friend over to play.
Call a friend over for tea.
Make dinner for your friends.
Make dinner together.
Draw a picture together.
Read books together.
Go play on the playground.
Go play in the snow.
Invite relatives to visit (they will foot the mileage, you will feed them).
Talk about the school day.
Have a potluck (you were going to make something for dinner anyway).
Go shopping for groceries together (you have to buy them, might as well go together).
Take a walk around the block.
Take a walk down to the river (we have one).
Take a walk in the woods.
Run in the sprinkler (I am already dreaming of warmer days).
Wash the car together (get it clean and save money).
Have a craft day together.
Play with all the many toys your kids have accumulated.
Watch a TV movie together.
If you own video games or computers, might as well use them.

What are your family activities?


Aliceson said...

Great ideas! This morning the girls and I built a lego house from legos they got for X-mas. So much fun and didn't cost us a penny.

June Saville said...

I'd add: teach every family member how to cook, and pass on the compliment to all of our friends. So many people don't cook any more, and it's crazy. Money-wise it's crazy, and nutrition-wise even more crazy.
June in Oz

Heather said...

Great ideas - when my husband is away traveling me and my kids have Disney night - I choose a film and we get in our pyjamas and snuggle on the sofa.

Wild Child said...

Very nice additions everyone. June, nice to see you drop in.