Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Breaking" the seal

We broke the seal on a new childhood milestone today.  Our oldest child broke his arm while sledding.  How, you may ask?  He sled down a hill that had cars parked at the bottom.  He slammed into one of the cars.  We were not there, because this was a Scout trip overnight.  My husband, when he dropped our son off, said to the adults that were there that they should move their cars before they start sledding.  He was assured they would. They had even brought straw bales specially to place at the bottom of the hill.

Even so, I would have expected one adult to monitor the goings-on.  There wasn't one.  Andrew wasn't doing anything unusual or goofy, he just chose a sled run that had the bad luck of sledding down, missing the hay bale, and hitting a parked car.  He hit it backwards, arm slamming the car first.

Here's the odd thing.  We took him to the emergency room and they splinted it, but didn't put a cast on.  That won't get put on until Tuesday.  Why do they wait so long?  Maybe for swelling to go down, or for the orthopedic person to be at work?  I just don't get that.

His pain, for now, is manageable with ibuprofen, so I guess we can handle it.

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