Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Random!

Yup, it's Tuesday!


So, I was thinking about this irony.  My two children were playing rock, paper, scissors.  Though, not how you would think. They were each sitting in front of one of the two computers in our office.  Playing on their Webkinz.  Playing the Rock, Paper, Scissors game against each other, on-line.  Which they were having loads of fun and exclaiming to each other as they won or lost.

I was thinking about how nice it was that they were playing together.  Then realized that they weren't playing "together."  Is this the future of our world?  It was good and bad all at the same time.  They could have sat down on the floor together and played with their hands.  Laughing and hollering as they went.  I pointed this out to my son and then he said, "But you get Kinz Cash for playing on-line."  Ah, I get it now.

Who else has this problem?  You use a bar of soap in the shower and it gets so small.  Are you of the camp where you can take that small piece, get it wet and squish it to the new bar of soap you get out?  Or the camp that it is so small you can't bother with it, but you also can't quite throw it out.

My pet peeve, my husband cannot make himself work with keeping the small used up bar of soap squished against the new larger one until they meld and soap up like a regular bar.  He always slides off the small used up piece and cannot keep it attached, which doesn't seem that hard to me.  So he puts the used up pieces on the shower shelf until there's lots of used up pieces in my way.

Does anyone know of a product that you can put all your used up pieces in and then soap up with it?  Bars of soap are not an issue for me, because I don't use bars, I used body wash.  I tried to get Mr. Wild to switch to body wash, but he still thinks the dry feeling of soap means his skin is clean.

Too much to do.  Not only do I have to rethink life for my son with a broken arm, but I need to sort out my spring break in Phoenix.  Hotel rooms seem to be on a sale, so I need to get that done NOW.  Also need to sort out our rental.  I guess it's not that much panic, just need to get it done.  Like Feris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you might miss it."

Time to move on to more writing topics.  Probably starting two more books. And maybe I should work up some short stories.  Like I need more things to do, like a hole in the head.  But, then again, it uses my creative side of the brain.  I need some flow in my life, and this might be the way to do it.  Also need to read more books.  I think I might check out the book version of "The Vampire Diaries."  Guess the show is taking off, so, I want to see if the books are as good as the show.  See what kind of inspiration I can get for more writing.

Already looking forward to spring.  You'd think, being a midwestern gal and staying staunchly midwestern, that I like the winter weather.  I do for about a month.  Then it's like, spring get here already.  But if there wasn't really winter, then I'd miss the spring, the change into summer (no matter how freaking, hot and humid it gets), and then the fall, the season I adore the most with blazes of color.  So I'm imagining sunny days, walks to the park or downtown, going out with the gals to the local bar or a downtown restaurant during warm weasther (I think I owe a few round), short skirts, nice sandals, a reason to get a good pedicure.

Number 15 is coming up.  Right during my busy work season in mid-July.  We didn't do anything really special for 10, so I feel we should get away.  But when, where and how are questions that come to mind.  What kinds of special things should one do for 15?  It seems like a celebratory worthy milestone.  Maybe not as grand as 20 or 25, but still.  Thoughts?

How's that for random?  Check out the Un Mom for more!


Aliceson said...

My kids have recently discovered online games but don't yet have a Webkinz. (I ignored Mae's X-mas requests.) Nice that they played together and it didn't lead to fighting though!

Oh yes the shrinking soap dilema. We use it up until the bar is gone and never fails every time the soap runs out the lucky bather yells out of the bathroom for someone to bring in a new bar. I absolutely hate cleaning melted soap goo out of the shelf. Ick!

I'm ready for spring too. Just the other night my husband and I were talking about garden plans for the summer. I can't wait to get my hands dirty and eat some FRESH produce!

You should do something fun for your 15 year anniversary. I'm thinking a vacation or at least a long weekend. My husband and I stayed at a B&B in door county a few years back for our anniversary (It was actually a wedding gift but we didn't end up using it until 4 years later!) and we loved it. Otherwise Chicago is always fun on a weekend...

Melanie said...

I would try getting a soft mesh bag for your soap problem. Something like cheesecloth maybe? That way, you could put all the soap pieces in it, and still use it. Just an idea- I'm sure there's a more elegant solution out there.