Saturday, January 23, 2010

Willa's Wardrobe

This is a blog post in response to Feet Off the Table's Wardrobe Wednesday.  Only because it was too cute to not share.

 Make sure you compare the two, because you will notice the stripey shirts are very similar, along with a fancying for the dotted tights.  Also notice the belt on the skirt is dotted.

Here's a better view of the tights.  This outfit was also for a birthday party, but mostly they are favorites of hers from Santa except the stripey shirt which we got on sale at the Children's Place.

Oh, and she got a hair cut today, as did Andrew.  I even sprung for a shampoo for him, because it is so much easier than shampooing him in the tub with a broken arm.  And, FINALLY, we took down the Christmas tree.  It would have been down earlier, but, long story short, I was waiting for my in-laws to travel here.  Two weekends in a row, no dice.  So I said screw it forget it and finally took it down.  Now, though, I'm taking a break before I put it into boxes.

For more Wardrobe Wednesday (which I always seem to miss), see Heathen Family Revival.

Happy Weekend!


Aliceson said...

So cute and very familiar! Love the new do and good idea springing for Andrew's shampoo. Smart cookie, you!

Kelly said...

Cute ;)