Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Open letter to Mr. Favre

Dear Mr. Brett Favre,

Not that I care very much about your career.  I didn't care when you "retired" from the Packers.  I didn't care when you moved to the Vikings.  I don't care whether you want to "retire" again.  What I care about is all the stupid hubbub it causes. Do news outlets really need to hash the "Will he, or won't he?" story again?  Could we please not clog up the airways?  I am sure there are many more newsworthy stories out there. (Ok, maybe Lindsey Lohan doesn't count either)

I do want to say, hey, you've reached 40, you're heading for 41, most great atheletes at this time would say, "I've had a good run, now it's time for something else."  Face the music, you're not getting any younger and that body of yours isn't going to last.  We all know it's hard to start something new, but you've had a good career, good money, and I hope you invested it wisely for a day like today.  Because I wish I was in your shoes, with enough money to stop what I'm doing now and try something new.

So cut bait, pack it up, and the next time you hit the news airwaves, maybe it will be for a good cause or something.  That's always worth hearing about.


A Wisconsinite who doesn't give a rat's ass what you do for your career


Anonymous said...

Green Bay practically shut down when he left. He's regained his reputation, did a good job last year & was fun to watch.

But now it's time to fade into the sunset. Hope he knows that soon.

Aliceson said...

The media coverage has been nuts! I hope it ends soon because having to listen to speculation on what he's going to do year in and year out is getting old.