Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Too Much Ranting


So, I was thinking about passion for what you do.  I have passion for raising and being with my children.  I have passion for my family and enjoying my family moments.  I have passion for my husband and enjoying spending alone time with him (minds out of the gutter, I'm talking dinner and a movie).  I have a passion for spending long quality time with my girlfriends.  What would life be without them.  I realized this morning, driving to work, I have lost all passion for my chosen vocation.  Though I don't think it is the actual chosen vocation I've lost passion for.  It is the current position I am in.  This is the feeling that kids get when their passion for learning is squelched by all the teacher and school rules and regulations, when the teachers are phoning it in, even while sitting in front of the class.  I cannot believe that further up the managment chain that those people have the passion I used to have for this job.  They keep shelling out rules, regs, hoops to jump, committees to form to study yet again another thing that we never, ever take action on.  I am tired.  I am also tired of solving all the little problems, both for those I supervise and those that are supposed to be managing me, but really, I spend my time managing them.  I used to think I liked interacting with people, but I think I'm done now.  If I'm going to solve people's problems or the ones they create for me, I'd much rather do it on a small scale and do it for my children and family.

Which leads me to a beef.  I am really sick and tired of health care being tied to a job.  I can't say that I have a better solution than the myriad of the ones out there, but I don't think the current system is going to continue to work.  I wonder if my health care was affordable in the private sector and if it was that way for everyone else, if we'd be staying in these jobs we don't like, or if we'd have more creativity, small businesses and some economic growth because people aren't tied to unproductive boring jobs with health insurance.

The mosquitoes are awful around here.  I hate DEET and it seems to not be working, according to my friends and kids.  Perhaps a more natural alternative might work.  I had a friend say that Burt's Bees Natural Herbal Insect Repellent works well.  It has lemongrass in it and my herb gardener friend says anything with lemon scent should help keep the mosquitoes away.  Lemon balm, lemon juice.  I say it is worth a try and natural to boot.

Anybody out there ever think about packing up your family and doing service work in a foreign country that needs it?  I know that is super risky, but I also feel that my chosen vocation and profession really doesn't make a difference in the grand scheme of things.  I feel like I should make a better difference to the human race.  I should have become a doctor.  I like to solve problems.  Maybe medical mysteries would have been more my style.  Maybe I'd feel I was being more helpful, which might make me feel more fulfilled about my job?  Oh, heck, maybe I should have been a teacher.

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Terra H. said...

I've never had the desire to work in a foreign country, but I understand the passion part. As for healthcare, don't even get me started on that. My credit would be decent if it weren't for the pile of medical bills. $483 for an ER visit, with NO testing and no diagnosis, is a little outrageous. Anyway, happy RTT.