Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: So I'm behind...


I didn't mean for Tuesday to get away from me.  To keep this random, I am sure you have all see the stuff about the crazy Chinese traffic jam.

Oh, and when your daughter says that Pinkie Pie needs new batteries because she sounds funny, just say you don't have the right screwdriver to get to the batteries.  Or you will get renewed sing-along with Pinkie Pie episodes that haven't been done in months, but now are suddenly the best thing since sliced bread. (and NO I did not buy that thing at $129.  I didn't know they had gone up so much in value.  I will be Ebaying that baby later.)

I think zucchini is an astringent.  I grated two extremely large zucchinis to freeze later for bread.  I squeezed out a lot of juice (different websites advised that), but now my hands feel all tight and dry.  Yuck.  Where's my lotion? (and those things I thought of all while I was in the bathroom.)

I recovered on Monday from a fantastic 12 hours at Irish Fest on Sunday with my kids and my Irish friend and her kids.  We did a lot, but not all of it.  I am sure we could have used a couple of days to do everything.  We did, however, get to see Gaelic Storm, my daughter's absolutely favorite Irish band (I like them a bit too).  They started out in Cali, but are made up of ex-pats.  They got their big break as the band in the steerage section in the movie Titanic.  It may be the only band she knows, but she loves the music.  I even found out Gaelic Storm was doing autographs.  It was brilliant (to use an Irish phrase).

Here she is getting the autographs.  (there was a splash pad at the place, so she had just been in her swimsuit splashing and was still too wet to put her shorts on.  Sorry she looks half dressed.)  They were very nice to her.  It was like an assembly line, but they gave her a couple of posters, some temp tattoos and signed her bag, too.  If I had known, I would have said that her favorite song was What's the Rumpus?  You'll find out why in a minute.

Irish Fest has these neat family passports and every stop has some type of craft or thing to do.  These were black shamrocks you scratched off to make a design and see colors underneath.

Many, many acts from the US and Ireland, and other places I am sure, were on hand for great entertainment, including musicians, poets, dancers.  These are kids from the area that had learned to play Irish instruments in a band.  They were pretty good.

Tug o' war contests, a few hurling matches with a chance to try hurling with a hurley.  You could buy drums and whistles, jewelry and clothing.  Some Irish food, but none of us thought that was all that great.  Which is too bad.  This would be the chance to showcase good Irish food.  The mead was really good though.  We didn't make it into the Jameson tent for our flight of whiskeys.  We had kids with us, you know.

Topped off the evening with Gaelic Storm concert.  Since it started at 7:30 pm, we thought we could stay for a bit with the kids.  We stayed the whole time.  It was a blast.  Except that they didn't play What's the Rumpus? My darling girl was a wee bit disappointed at the end of the concert.

(I know, it's a beer advert, but honestly, I don't think the kids noticed.)
We were having too good a time.

She's a concert goer alright.  She screamed her head off at intervals throughout the whole concert.  
(Pay no attention to the lady in the short sleeved green shirt.  Though her disposition at this moment may scream "Wild Child" to you, it's really a hoax with smoke and mirrors.)

Better randomness can be found by clicking the button at the beginning.  Keely has threatened to make a new one.  I don't know if I need to go and get one yet or not.


tulpen said...

Ahhh. Looks like fun. I wonder when my kids will be concert worthy. Last concert I went to was The Wiggles.

Hadn't heard about that traffic jam... holy crap!

Moyrid said...

Irish friend who lived in England. Brilliant is English. Deadly is maybe more Irish.