Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Too Much Stupid?


You wanted it, you got it.  Find out whose fans are more stupid.  Based on Twitterers who are fans of "famous" people.

I am determined to ride RAGBRAI in 2012.  But first I need to start biking.  Oh, but before that, I need to get a new bike.  And before that, I actually need to get out to several bike stores and look at bikes.  I probably should also learn a lot more about maintaining and fixing bikes, and how RAGBRAI works here in 2010-11-12.  I'm thinking I need to sign up with a charter company.  Well, lots to learn before the snow flies.
My brain is really mush.  Which is funny, because the kids are heading back to school and have to get into gear with the whole thing.  Good luck to them.  I'll just continue to coast along.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  You know, in elementary school when they asked you that?  My ambitions--first female president.  Yeah, I know, I'm a little behind in that goal.  In order to acheive it, I figured I needed to be a lawyer.  Yeah, missed that one, too.  What the heck am I doing now?  Oh, yeah, this. (Well, not exactly that organization, but what they represent) We're bringing history to life, one person at a time.  (Sounds like I'm raising zombies)
My husband is turning forty soon.  I feel like we need to make a big splash about it, but he's not all that excited.  It's interesting, I saw an FB status post from a friend who was mourning her 20s, as she was turning 30 soon.  Basically, I told her no sweat, the 30s are awesome.  And I'm looking forward to the 40s as well, because my kids are bigger and then can take care of themselves more.  It's all around a good deal.  Which is why I can't understand mourning your 20s or 30s.  Life just keeps getting interesting.

I wanted to plead one more day of Prisoner of Summer (POS badge up in the corner), but I think I need to move on and get my calendar straight for the fall.  Soccer, dance, practices, events, work, play, it's all coming to a head and it will be a downhill slide to the holidays.  So busy!

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Julie from Momspective said...

Oh, I couldn't wait for the fall. I can actually have a schedule again. Kids are gone. I can blog and clean and hang out with my friends and be back in time to grab them at 3 and pretend I was being a total housewife all day.