Monday, December 13, 2010

The healing starts when you admit the problem...

I am coming to terms with it.  I started looking at the "genre" of my blog.  I was hoping to be some cool, hip, authoritative person on anything and everything that would garner lots of love, free offers, and followers on the internet.

Recently, I have admitted to myself.  I am a "mommy" blogger.

I don't really care much about the pop culture scene.  Okay, I am addicted to maybe too much television, but I don't have the self-effacing gall to go googoo over all the hot actors that are on my TV screen (my really big TV screen, mind you, which really rocks, but I still feel conspicuous about my consumption) in my blog.  For heaven's sake, they are way too young for me anyway.  Sheesh.

And I find my children much more amusing than anything else in my daily life.  You can't make up things like the forged signature or the blank stare during concert practice.

I wanted to talk about books more, but that would mean I need to read some.  Okay, well I've read some recently, and I want to critique one, but I actually know the author in a roundabout way and would rather tell her to her face (or via email) before going all ballistic on the blog (well, not really, but I have some issues with the history in one of her books).  And I keep saying I need to read Persuasion. (that would be the Jane Austen reference)

I find I don't wax literary like some of my other blogger friends (Irish Gumbo, Psuedo).  I don't even take good pictures like Feet Off the Table.

I do say short brief things about mulled wine, my choice of teas, a few recipes here and there, hot whiskeys (dang I could use one tonight, good night for it), wishes hopes and dreams, rolled in with kiddos, travel and Mr. Wild.  I occasionally dabble into politics, but I have friends who are much braver than that (True Blue, and Helen and Margaret) and do it better.

I'm not sure what I thought would come of my blog.  I enjoy that friends near and far and sister and mother read it some.  I like the small laughs that I give, or get when I follow other blogs.

But, I have to admit, I am a "mommy" blogger, because I really don't delve too deeply anywhere else.  I guess I thought I could be category-less, but no, I must admit, that is a bit how a mommy blog flows, isn't it?  And no, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that. Because I read them, too.  Just there's so many good ones to choose from.  Soooo many!  Keep em coming, gals and guys!

Now I have to do some shopping.  Non-Christmas shopping because the schools decided that today would be a snow day (more like the roads are still freakin' ice and snow covered and we can't get the buses out today) and my free day off with no children is thwarted.  But, much better than being at work.  Which is a whole other subject I won't touch.  Not in the blog if I can help it.  Early on in my blog discoveries, I learned the lesson to not blog about work from an oldie but goodie, Dooce.


True Blue Texan said...

There's nothing wrong with being a Mommy blogger. And thanks for the saying I do the politics things well. I haven't had much heart to get into the fray lately. I promise to try better and live up to your expectations. ; )

tulpen said...

I try not to consider myself a Mommy Blogger.

I'm a Mommy who happens to have a blog. I know. Semantics. But it works for me.

Also? Am waiting for work to find my blog and fire me. Need to cross "Being fired from a job" off my bucket list.