Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Once Willa had a bath, she came down the stairs in wet hair and footie jammies, raiding the construction paper pile, making a pretty big mess.  Well, she just stated she's making it into a good pile, because "it's just weird when paper is sticking out."  Ah, wouldn't you enjoy footie jammies?  I almost bought some today.  But Mr. Wild already hates my fleece blanket cocoon, I think he'd find the footed pajamas, let's say, offputting.

I love eating Mexican at a restaurant.  When I suggest going out for Mexican, my kids are very excited.  "Can we go to El Jefe?" they ask.  Don't let their enthusiasm for Mexican fool you.  They actually want to go to this restaurant because they serve KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE.  It's in the kids' menu.  With fries on the side.  Willa shows some sign of a possibly maturing palate, because she doesn't want fries, she wants the Mexican rice.  But Andrew is all about the mac and cheese and fries.  Sigh.

Speaking of Andrew, he turns 11 today.  The years just keep rolling by, don't they?  We all say that.  We all hear others say that.  Yet, why are we so surprised?  What is more surprising, when the jeans you bought last fall are no longer long enough?  Or the fact that they turn one more year older.  Bonus: most people think eleven is an acceptable age for me to leave the oldest in charge of the youngest for an hour or two.  Ah, the freedom.  I need it, otherwise, Santa doesn't get her shopping done.

I agreed to make banana muffins for his class treat.  We can't, or aren't supposed to, send unhealthy food to school for snacks, not even for birthdays.  I understand why and I accept it, but I'm a little sad I'm not sending cupcakes.  My muffins have extra wheat germ in them, in addition to the banana, so I think we're sending something better than a cupcake.  On the other hand, in Willa's class, the girl with the birthday last week sent home a giant pixy stix for each classmate.


I was all set to try my free Oikos Organic Greek yogurt and the store I stopped in didn't carry it.  They had every other kind of Greek yogurt, plus Stonyfield's regular organic yogurt, for which I also had one free coupon for.  But it wasn't worth it to me to pick up any of the free yogurt at that point.  I got orange juice instead.

For the word coupon, do you say "Q-pon" or "COO-pon?"  I say "Q-pon," really I do.  I think it's an Iowa thing, because another gal I know who grew up in Iowa says it the same way I do.  Actually, maybe eastern Iowa, my husband is from the western Iowa side of I-35 and he says "COO-pon."  Those Westerners.  What are you going to do with them?

I am thinking about joining up with some blog fests.  I'll let you know how that goes, if I get to doing it.  Just some more fun for the holidays.

Hot whiskey in hand, the last batch of muffins in the oven.  Go Random up with Keely at the Unmom.  Click the button above and enjoy the muffins you aren't having.


Anonymous said...

I think it's really rare that kids like Mexican food but for some reason, my 3 year old loves it. So weird.

kendrasue said...

I say Q-pon. But I'm from Kansas!

Beta Dad said...

I used to say Q-pon, and my family is from Montana. But I converted to coo-pon somewhere along the line. It would be interesting to see the geographic distribution of those pronunciations.

Hot whiskey. Mmmmm...

Although with the weather we're having in SoCal, a margarita is more appropriate. I miss winter.

tulpen said...

Those muffins look wicked yummy.

We say 'Wicked' here in the northeast... like;

"I have a wicked lot of Coo-pons".

Wild Child said...

Oh tulpen, you crack me up!

Sandra said...

I say qpon too...as for the mac 'n cheese, my kids want to go to Boston Pizza for it, yet they won't eat it when I make it from the box!