Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm a winner!

I entered a contest on this blog.  Guess what?!  Of course you can guess!  I won.

I eat a lot of yogurt, but have never tried Greek style, so I'm looking forward to it.  Also, check out her blog, Fit in the Midwest.  She takes lovely pictures of her food.  It always makes me hungry, and has certainly given me ideas for work food.  I always want to do better than taking frozen dinners.  Her ideas are pretty good.


tulpen said...

Am also a lover of yogurt. Took me some getting used to, but Greek style is really yummy! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Jennifer! Reading (and now writing) healthy living blogs helped me with ideas for meals too.

Aliceson said...

Happy dance!!! I've been entering blog contests for the last month hoping I'll win something great, but as the winners are slowly being chosen, I'm giving up on the hopes that I'll win a new computer or a washer/dryer that doesn't hop across the floor during the spin cycle. :( Perhaps my luck will change at BINGO tonight with my grandma.