Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Goodness--Part II

We got a flat screen TV.  Happy Birthday to Mr. Wild, Happy Birthday to Andrew, Merry Christmas to all of us and probably Happy Birthday to me and Willa.  It is still in our den, sitting in its box, because we need a stand for it.  This is what we got:

Vizio Razor LED (42")

I keep staring at the box, wondering if my eyes were bigger than my eyes.  Everything I read said that the distance we would be viewing should work with this size, but again, I wonder.  I am feeling rather conspicuously consumtive.

Oh, and Andrew lost his first molar, which none of us, including him, knew it was ready to pop out so easily.  He had just announced in the morning that a molar was loose, leading us to scramble to make sure it was the right kind of molar to be loose. (Hey, it's been nearly 30 years since I lost molars, I can't remember)  It was one that was supposed to go, then he comes home and says, "My molar fell out.  I was chewing at lunch and I might have swallowed it, except I bit down on something hard."  Eew!  They have cute little tooth shaped containers to put teeth in.

So, I had intended my first goodness post to show up this morning, but apparently I can't distinguish between AM and PM in the scheduled post section.  Please link up to the post below with your "goodness," anything heart-warming, fun, silly, or just plain ridiculous, to make us all feel warm and fuzzy.

Oh, here's one more thing, a picture from Andrew's teacher while they are rehearsing for the school concert tonight.  Andrew is front row, on the right end.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?
It's still goodness, because Mama is absolutely thrilled to see her babies get up and sing, no matter how bored they are with it. (Willa is not bored, she LOVES the stage)


Jen Daiker said...

How awesome!!! Look at that awesome Television! I hear Vizio's rock!!!

Love the picture at the bottom! So cute!! Stage presence is key!

Shannon said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog today. =)

Congrats on the TV! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

I agree with Jen - the pic is great! Take many more!!

- Shannon