Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Goodness: More Jolly Goodness

First things first.  Nathan Bransford and his wife and Alexia over here are donating $1 for every comment made on their blog to Heifer International.  I have always loved Heifer since I first heard about it in church and my children's Sunday school got to choose what their money would go to, whether it was rabbits, a flock of chickens or a calf.  I like that these families that are in need are given animals to supply food to their family and are offered a chance for breeding more animals and extra income.  Along the lines of "If you give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime."  I am very much for giving people resources that can help them now and in the future.

Nathan's ended on Wednesday, so, please comment here on the blog between now and midnight Christmas eve (CST on December 24) and for every comment, I, too, will send $1 to Heifer International.  Depending on the number of people will determine what we get, a flock of chickens, a calf, or a goat, etc.  To increase the amount we send, you can do these additional things:

1. Follow me here on my blog (over there on the right hand side), click follow and be my friend.  Leave me a separate comment pointing that out.

2. Join me by posting in Thursday Goodness this week, using Mr. Linky.  Leave me another comment to let me know you did that.

(Ok, so both of those benefit me, but I think it will benefit you as well, thinking of positive things by participating in Thursday Goodness and getting to read my fabulous silly little blog, which may (or may not) brighten your day.  In the end, the winners are those that benefit from Heifer International.)

I will post on next Thursday's Goodness what animal or animal grouping we will be donating our money for.  Check out their website to see how the donations work.  My kids love looking and picking out animals.  They will probably pick out what we will send.

Now, below is some real Thursday goodness.  What a sweet story and Merry Christmas!

Plucked from NPR, a great story about how a man won his wife over.

Jim Crane didn't date in high school. Not at all.

But when he went to college in 1955, he found out he liked girls. A lot.
"They were soft and they smelled good," he tells his daughter, Missy Worden, at StoryCorps in Atlanta.

During his senior year at Union College, Jim met his future wife, Juna. He was working in the business office and she was a switchboard operator.

"I'd come up the hall a-whistling and she'd always fuss at me because she was trying to hear," the 73-year-old says. "I got to talking to her and I got to liking her. I finally said, 'You wanna go to a movie with me?'"

Juna declined. "I've double-dated with you. I see what you do to those girls in the backseat," he tells his daughter she said.

Jim had never gotten a "no" from a girl.

He had given a woman he had been dating in Charlotte, N.C., a pin.
"I wrote and told her to send it back to me," he says. "And the girl I was dating in town, I'd give her some little something or other and I told her to give that back to me. And another girl I was dating on campus, I'd done something for her, and I told her to give that back to me. "

Jim took those three trinkets to the switchboard where Juna worked and laid them down.
"I said, 'Now, lookahere. I done broke up with all three of those girls.' I said, 'Will you go to a movie with me?' She said, 'OK.'"
Jim and Juna started dating. After graduating from college in 1959, Jim went immediately into the Navy.

"I was gonna give her a diamond engagement ring when I got paid at the end of boot camp. But the Navy screwed up the pay somehow, and everybody got paid but me," he says. "Well, I'd told everybody what I was going to do with my money, and I was very despondent.

"I was sitting on my bed and this guy I didn't like came up to me and he said, 'Crane, give me a match.' I said, 'I don't smoke and I don't have matches.' He said, 'Yeah you do. I've seen them in your locker.' And I gave a great oof, and stood up and went to my locker and opened it."

Jim's locker was full of money.

"The money started falling out, so I sat down and cried," he says. "I guess they passed the hat. And I used that money to buy your mother's first diamond ring.

"I said, 'Now, you're gonna marry me, but you gotta know that you're engaged to Company 290,'" Jim explains. "So she said, 'That's fair.'"

The Cranes will celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary on Monday.
Produced for Morning Edition by Nadia Reiman. The senior producer for StoryCorps is Michael Garofalo. Recorded in partnership with WABE. 



True Blue Texan said...

Great story and great idea. I'm already a follower, so can you count me twice?

tulpen said...

That was the sweetest story ever.

Love the donation idea!

Happy Holidays!!!

Karla said...

I heard the storycorp bit on NPR. Very cute.

plantpeacedaily said...
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Aliceson said...

Wow, some people insist on being Debbie Downers, don't they? I hope you count that comment anyway even it was completely negative. I think this is a great idea and like True Blue, I'm already a follower, does that count?

I'm too busy to do a Thursday goodness this week, way too much baking and cleaning to get done before tomorrow's party here, but I had to stop by and leave a comment!

Wild Child said...

While I appreciated the expression of the opinions of commenter, a better way to reach me would have been through a shorter posting or a private email, rather than through my blog. Personally, I'd rather see people doing something about world hunger than nothing at all.

As it is, Heifer is building sustainable food systems and here's a project on that.

Wild Child said...

I should explain that the soapbox style and length of the comment is what got to me. The commenter had their own blog to do so. A private email of that length would have been fine. Thank you.

Wild Child said...

Thank you to everyone who is commenting in the spirit of my post. I am eyeing the honeybee donation, as my comment numbers are very small.