Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumnal bliss

Strikingly varigated red, orange, yellow-green trees glow in the morning sunlight on my drive to work each day. I'm not normally much for morning, but I love to look at autumn colors in the bright sunshine.

When the sun hits the upper part of the trees that are red-orange-gold in the early morning and the lower parts of the neighborhoods are still in grey in the early morning rising sun, nothing strikes me as more lovely or awe-inspiring.

On the drive home, if it is late enough, the clouds are a deeper blue. Tonight they were tinged with vivid pink along the edges--not the silver lining, but the vivid pink lining.

I wonder at how nature knew that these colors go together. They harmonize and inspire awe at the same time. Nothing beats the bright vivid red, next to fiery orange or warm golden yellow. The deeper maroons, purples and browns set a sedate backdrop for the brighter colors to look more splendid.

I should take more time to walk in the woods or under the trees and enjoy what I like about the colors of fall. And I should take my kids with me, to see if they have the same wonder that I still carry for this season. Although I know, technically, the growing season is ending and leaves are dying, this last hurrah gives me a zest for life.

I suppose I need this boost in my appreciation and happiness at the changing season just before being cooped up inside because of the cold, wet, blowing and blizzardy snow and winter.

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Multiple Sarcasms said...

I love the smells and textures that go with those Autumn/Fall colors. The smell of the air. The feel of the sun. The crunchy leaves underfoot. The smell of cinnamon and apples at stores, in houses. It all feels cozy and loving. People always seem happier when luck falls their way and there is a cool but sunny day, one more before winter to be thankful for. I miss Ireland most in Fall mostly because it seems to be a melancholic time of year, it is when you miss things. I have read it is when people feel most conscious about what is not right about in their lives, when they look for change. For me it makes me happy and warm inside.