Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's Next?

Really there are odd things going on in our house. My kids are watching pretend TV. This is the game they are playing, lets pretend to watch a pretend TV. What is the world coming to? What does this mean about my parenting? Are they watching too much TV or are they deprived of this very 21st century entertainment? The game consists of them arguing over what show they are pretending to watch! I mean for crying out loud, pretend Thomas and Friends or pretend Dora! They sing the theme song (probably means they actually watch too much TV). Sit down and fight over who controls the imaginary remote! This is not a fight they ever see in our house, I'm glad to let my husband have it and we never are watching TV when the kids are up anyway! Then horror of horror the TV runs out of batteries, yes batteries and they are all sad until my son replaces them and it can all start again.

I have to say when the fight gets out of hand and children are crying and I am called on to trying to decide who's turn it is to pick an imaginary show I do wonder what next! What truly unimaginable task shall I be required to do as mother of three?

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