Sunday, October 5, 2008


In an economy where we all need to watch our money, it makes for strange habits here in the WC household.

We were freezing, and no one was really admitting it to anyone else. I checked the thermostat and it was reading 65 degrees F. I knew it was cold, but it seemed wrong to start up the heater. If we could just squeeze out one more day not having to use it. It was pretty warm at the beginning of September and we used the air conditioning a little the first couple of weeks. I was hoping we'd be temperate for a few more weeks and just let the sun heat us and the air cool us.

Mr. Wild finally said to me, with his sweatshirt zipped up to his chin, "Are you cold? Because I think we should turn the heat on."

"Yes, I'm cold and I'm so glad you said that."

"Were you going to wait until I said I was cold before you turned the heat on? Do I really have that much influence over you?"

"Well, I didn't want you to think I was a wimp. I just figured I'd wait for your go ahead. I didn't want to start up the heat before you thought it was time. I know how conscientious you are about the heat costs. But it is 65 in here today."

I think Mr. Wild thought I was silly. I don't know what I thought, except I thought I should be able to stand this cold a little more. Like it should be 60 in here before I cave. I want to save on natural gas and on money.

The cold air made me finally go into the basement, drag up all the covered plastic bins and pull out the winter clothes and put away the summer ones. My daughter was a good sport about trying on footie jammies her brother used to wear and his old turtlenecks. I am hoping she will now have more long sleeved clothes to send her to school in.

Ok, I have to admit, fall is finally here.


Multiple Sarcasms said...

Dam it was cold yesterday. And today it was warmer but now we have broken the barrier it is ok to have the heat on. Mr Sarcasms loves to be warm so it is up to me to hold out. I find I do not like that responsibility and try to find someone else who has caved before I can cave too. By the way how does Mr Wild like being Mr Wild? I think it is a great name better than Mr Sarcasms. Maybe I should call him Mr Multiple, I think he would like that better.

Jump Hi said...

Why settle for either when you could have Mr. Multicasms?