Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Night Memory

It's almost midnight. Though I'm a full time working outside-the-home mom, and have been for quite some time now, almost nine years, I do have some interests and talents that are sometimes attributed to full time stay-at-home moms.

The first Halloween costume I made for one of my children, was for my first child, my son. He was going to be ten months old at the time. Not old enough for trick or treat, but still, I felt the occasion warranted a costume. He had just recently learned the sound of a lion, a little "Rawr." What could be cuter than a lion? I choose this pattern. I stayed up late a couple nights in a row and my husband and I were hot gluing on the little ribbon mane at the 11th hour the night before he was going to wear it.

Perhaps you will agree it was well worth it. I took him into work so the women I worked with could see his costume. He proceeded to crawl across the floor, and had his tongue hanging out and would appropriately roar on cue. I went over to a couple of friends' houses for candy and pictures. There have since been lots of cute costumes, but I was very proud of this first one I did. Since then (except for one year when my daughter was a six month old and I was still not getting full nights of sleep), I like to make the costumes my kids have for Halloween. Sometimes my husband gets into the act and makes a whole costume (it's a bit of work with two kids and costumes to get it all done), sometimes we recycle old costumes I made in a year past.

Sometimes I make costumes for my husband and I and it's not even really for Halloween.

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