Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post Party Blues

The party is over, the ice cream stand is closing and it is raining. I am having a serious case of post-party blues and post-summer blues today. All week I've been in denial that summer is really, really over. Yes school had started and the weather was cooler but the seasonal ice cream stand was still open, the plants in the garden were still growing and we had a couples night out with some of our favourite couples to look forward to. It was a fun night, the food was great, the craic was good and the new babysiters were brilliant! But now the party is over. The ice cream stand is closing today and the weather is dull and melancholic. I need to harvest the herbs in the garden, get out the winter clothes and stock up in supplies. Who knows when we will have a good reason to go out again and probably by Tuesday I won't even mind. But today I'm sad with the blues:(

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